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Demand for coworking space high in today's office

Escrito por esperanza 11 | coworking san pedro alcántara® el Miércoles, 07 Septiembre 2022. Publicado en Coworking, Teletrabajo

Demand for coworking space high in today's office

From esperanza 11 | coworking san pedro we want to share a very interesting article that we found on the Internet about coworking and its benefits for independent professionals, small businesses and entrepreneurs. The article explains how the demand for coworking spaces has increased in recent years, especially in the current context of the pandemic, and how these spaces offer flexibility, comfort, security and collaboration opportunities. I invite you to read the full article:

Floordaily - 09/07/2022

With hybrid and remote work becoming the norm, the demand for coworking and flexible workspace is at an all-time high, according to the latest survey from Yardi Kube, a space management software provider part of Yardi Systems and reported by FM Link.

"As many organizations move towards bringing employees back to a traditional office workspace that fosters collaboration and empowers productivity, changing workforce expectations must be taken into account."

"To better understand occupiers" needs, Yardi Kube conducted a survey among prospective office tenants addressing the issues of office space footprint, how companies are adjusting to flexible work, and the reasons why business leaders are looking into coworking spaces as a replacement for traditional office leases. The five-question survey was posted on and, both Yardi-owned websites, with 1,118 respondents across the United States.

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esperanza 11 | coworking san pedro alcántara®

esperanza 11 | coworking san pedro alcántara®

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