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Coworking: Increased income, improved work quality and greater collaboration are biggest benefits

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45 percent of workers said their mental health has improved since joining a coworking space

Coworking: Increased income, improved work quality and greater collaboration are biggest benefits

The following article we share explores how coworking spaces can boost productivity, creativity and well-being for workers. It cites a survey that found that 74% of coworkers are more productive, 86% have a larger business network and 93% have a bigger social circle. One of the coworking spaces that offers these benefits in San Pedro Alcántara, the heart of the Costa del Sol, is esperanza 11 | coworking san pedro. We provides a comfortable and inspiring environment for freelancers, entrepreneurs and remote workers who want to connect, collaborate and grow.

BusinessFeb 21, 2023

Though WeWork is notorious for having one of the most spectacular implosions in business history, it and other coworking providers are having a moment.

Amid a global shift to hybrid work following the COVID-19 pandemic, WeWork and other coworking companies have experienced a boom. In March 2022, WeWork said it was projecting a 30 percent increase in revenue due to an increased demand for flexible office space.

Coworking has long been popular in the startup space, as new businesses need to grow quickly without having a lot of overhead like facility leases or mortgages. But with the pre-pandemic increase in remote work that’s only accelerated and the ongoing shift to hybrid arrangements, demand for coworking spaces is on the rise across much of the U.S.

We wanted to understand what people who spend at least some of their time coworking like and dislike about their spaces. To determine the biggest benefits and drawbacks of coworking, we spoke with 500 U.S. adults who are currently in coworking arrangements. Here’s a look at our key findings:

  • One in two coworking professionals said their income has risen since they began coworking. Nearly half saw an improvement in their work skills, work quality, and collaboration, and 45 percent said their mental health improved.
  • Coworkers are essentially split down the middle on hybrid models. 47 percent work out of their coworking space at least 5 days a week, and 53 percent only use the space for a few days each week.
  • Many coworking spaces offer their patrons convenient amenities. Nearly 40 percent of coworking professionals said their facility offers free (or included) parking. Networking events, snacks, and even reception services were also popular bonuses.

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