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Comunidad coworking

The community is what promotes a coworking space. People and business coming together in the same place, putting projects into action either separately or in conjunction with locals and external associates. Sharing services, experiences, knowledge, or simply a coffee with an interesting chat, which serves to disconnect momentarily from the day’s work.

The local residents you could meet at esperanza 11 | coworking san pedro will be your best associates for putting the projects you seek to undertake into action.

Apart from actually visiting our premises, here you can meet the people or business that could provide you with that extra impetus that your idea needs for you to go ahead, enriched with everything they are able to contribute to it.

We are also fortunate enough to have associates and sponsors who, from their businesses and establishments, have shared their ideas and actions which we are implementing in this space. We would also like them to be with us, and for you to know who they are, and we thank their contributions to this new social reality that we would like to extend to the whole of the local community.

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