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A whole space to make your projects come true.
Your shared office without price competition.

Welcome to the 1st Coworking space in San Pedro Alcántara!

Since 2013, we have been dedicated to providing the perfect flexible office for you to focus on what truly matters: creating products, offering services, and developing yourself as a freelancer, company, public or private entity, while growing professionally. In San Pedro Alcántara, the heart of the Costa del Sol, we have established an innovative project that aims to transform the social reality of our community at all levels.

Flexibility and productivity are our guiding principles.

We understand that each professional and company has unique needs, so we have designed our services with the necessary versatility to adapt to you. Not mind if you are an independent entrepreneur, an employee, a manager of a growing startup, or part of an established organization, because in our coworking space, you will find a dynamic and collaborative environment that fits your needs.

Coworking Espace

We offer the best complementary services

Our mission goes beyond merely offering a place to work. We aim to empower your project and provide you with the necessary tools to achieve your goals successfully. Alongside Volcando Ideas, we offer specialized consultancy in audiovisual communication strategies, content marketing, social media, and web presence, tailoring these tools to the specific needs of your business. We are eager to listen your ideas, analyze your objectives, and pour them onto the web with a clear, straightforward, and effective message that allows you to stand out in the market.

Every good project needs a good space

What can you do?

Our Plans

Free trial

€ free

Whether you are unfamiliar with what coworking is or you prefer to experience how we organize things here on your own, you have the chance to enjoy a completely free day without any obligations!


€ 10,00

No contracts or commitments. Enjoy as needed, casual days in a space designed for digital nomads who seek spaciousness, comfort, and a productive environment.


€ 85,00

All the benefits of the Flexible Plan, with the convenience of being able to use it exclusively in the afternoon hours. Take advantage of the flexibility you need to drive your projects forward in the evening.


€ 100,00

Do you need the mornings or afternoons to work on your project? Are you self-employed, an entrepreneur, and a restless nomad at mind? Undoubtedly, this plan will be perfect for developing all your abilities.


€ 160,00

Have an ideal support base for your project, providing you with the flexibility you need without losing touch with your network of customers and suppliers of products and services.


€ 200,00

Plan designed to meet the needs of projects that require extended stays in the office, providing a fix desk with full access from Monday to Friday.


€ 720,00

Targeted at companies with four collaborators minimum, we offer a flexible environment that adapts to the team's needs, allowing and facilitating maximum performance.

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A good entrepreneur needs the best rest

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Join esperanza 11 | coworking san pedro and live a unique experience!
Get in touch with our team, schedule an appointment in advance, and come enjoy a delicious coffee while you discover the benefits of flexible offices with our free trial day.