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Why coworking spaces are considered productivity destinations for employees?

el Thursday, 08 September 2022. Publicado en Coworking, Noticias

The traditional 9-to-5 office job is no longer the norm, and employees are increasingly looking for flexible and alternative work arrangements

Why coworking spaces are considered productivity destinations for employees?

Always attentive in esperanza 11 | coworking san pedro to what is published about this world in different digital media, we present you this extensive and accurate article from, which may help you better understand the advantages of working in a flexible office.

Calendar - 09/08/2022

Companies have been working tirelessly to enhance and improve the fluid working experience as a way to attract and retain employees in the highly competitive labor market. Coworking spaces are considered productivity destinations for employees.

Throughout the workplace ecosystem, executives, team leaders, and HR managers have been working to incorporate different elements in the workplace that can help improve creativity, incite workplace conversations, and help boost productivity.

Employees are not eager to return to their once beloved office spaces

Despite all the efforts to make offices better, employees don’t want to return to the office. The luxuries of remote work, from schedule flexibility to more personal autonomy, have given workers the freedom to work in an environment that offers them perks that their cold and shoulder-to-shoulder offices will never have.

The shift in how employees work is primarily impacted by where they work

The concept of coworking spaces was once a foreign idea not so long ago, with just over 280 recorded coworking spaces scattered across the United States in 2010. Fast-forward a bit, and today there are over 6,200 coworking spaces accounting for more than 117.5 million square feet of flexible and shared working office space.

Even as the pandemic shattered the doors of these coworking hubs, demand is steadily growing again as some of the industry’s most significant coworking startups have reported an increase in monthly membership even as employers try to lure workers back to the office.

What do we lose by working from home?

Empty offices and deserted parking lots are not all the many things we lose when working from home or choosing to visit a coworking space. This has only added to the abundance of open office real estate now overlooking the streets in dense metropolitan areas.

But in the past, many considered coworking spaces the chatty and colorful social hubs used to socialize during work breaks and between virtual meetings. Fortunately, to some extent, that’s not the case anymore, as some coworking spaces have now become a productivity destination for all types of workers.

To help us better understand why coworking spaces are so popular and why they enable us to manage workload capacity better, let’s have a look at some of the more common benefits that add to employee productivity.

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