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5 essentials to look for in a coworking space

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If you’re looking to work somewhere besides your cramped home or structured office, search for these things

5 essentials to look for in a coworking space

No one talks about the disadvantages of coworking spaces, it must be for a reason. In this case, the author of the article gives us five, but she extends with many more reasons according to her story in a flexible office as esperanza 11 | coworking san pedro.

Fast Company - 13/04/2022

As a freelance writer, I know the benefit of getting away for a retreat. However, though retreats are great for getting some fresh scenery and doing deep work, there are times when an extra dose of alone time isn’t exactly what I’m looking for. Sometimes, I crave being surrounded by like-minded people and a sense of collaboration that comes from working in a shared space.

Working from home has plenty of advantages—including convenience and flexibility—but it can also get lonely. Research shows that working remotely long-term increases social vulnerability and makes two in ten workers feel lonely.

The fix? I suggest in-person coworking sprints. Knowing that getting out of the house for some face-to-face collaboration could make all the difference, I recently joined a friend for a few days working out of the Hoxton, a coworking space in Chicago where I live.

Here’s what I learned from the experience of coworking. I’ll share the benefits I discovered, as well as some tips to consider when choosing a collaborative workspace for yourself.

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esperanza 11 | coworking san pedro alcántara®

esperanza 11 | coworking san pedro alcántara®

esperanza 11 | coworking san pedro. Primer coworking de San Pedro Alcántara desde el año 2013. Oficina flexible dedicada a facilitar de servicios profesionales a empresas, empleados, autónomos, emprendedores, nómadas digitales, startups... Especialistas en productividad.

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