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6 Tech Essentials for a Productive Coworking Space

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Here are some of the top tech essentials for a productive coworking office

6 Tech Essentials for a Productive Coworking Space

En una oficina flexible compartimos muchos elementos visibles, desde las mesas, a la impresora, pasando casi obligatoriamente por la máquina de café, como nos ocurre en esperanza 11 | coworking san pedro. Disponer de todo lo necesario para que discurra de forma fluida nuestra jornada de trabajo es una tarea compartida entre el gestor del local y nuestros compañeros (coworkers). Pero hay elementos fundamentales de los que personalmente nos debemos hacer cargo, como la seguridad de nuestros dispositivos informáticos conectados a la red y la protección de los datos y documentos que utilizamos a diario.

Makeuseof - 18/04/2022

What’s worse than working at home being distracted by the dog barking, the baby crying, and your neighbors' rowing? How about booking a coworking space lacking in the essential tech you need to work productively?

If you’ve ever been in a scenario where your coworking space doesn’t offer enough charging hubs, the printer is broken, and the meeting rooms are all fully booked, you’ll want to get organized ahead of time.

What Are the Benefits of Coworking?

Coworking spaces are a welcome alternative to stuffy corporate offices and an excellent break from your remote working setup at home. And you can rent a space from as little as a few hours to as much as a few months, giving you heaps of flexibility.

Imagine a building filled with talented freelancers and employees from different companies—all collaborating in a swanky work environment filled with amenities. Expect meeting rooms, event spaces, socializing hubs, and computer programming stations alongside daycare, cafes, garden space, and even climbing walls in some facilities.

Although coworking spaces only currently take up 5% of the office real estate market, this is expected to increase to 30% by 2030, according to a report. Why the rise in popularity? Coworking offers:

  • Flexibility: Want to work part of the week at home, but part of the week with the company? This is a great compromise.
  • Collaboration: Perhaps you need access to amazing design pros or a tech wizard? Expand your network of contacts by coming together in a coworking environment.
  • Productivity: Not everyone thrives in a home office. If you're distracted by household chores like vacuuming or doing the dishes, move to a coworking space to enhance your focus.

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